Jack & Bri

The Fix Visionaries

In the summer of 2009 Jack and Bri met volunteering for the Just For Kids organization. They became friends over the next few years they spent putting time into the Tri-City community while they were building parks, reaching out to children in need, and raising money for families in the area. After their volunteer work they both parted ways to pursue their careers, Bri in baking and Jack in the coffee industry. In the winter of 2013 they both came together to dream up a vision of what The Fix may be, putting together both of what they learned in their fields. The following spring they saw that vision starting to take shape and since then have pushed The Fix to become what it is today. Sadly Bri had to leave the company in interest of other pursuits, but you can still find Jack and newly promoted Chris Tanner working tirelessly to improve your coffee experience in Bay City.


Adventurer, coffee enthusiast, and writer, Jack’s work with coffee began after falling in love with coffee shops after working in Saginaw’s own Magic Bean Cafe in 2010, the first coffee shop to ever carry Populace Coffee. Over the past 4 years, he has worked in coffee and trained under Counter Culture, Madcap, and especially Populace Coffee with community and sustainability in mind. Opening The Fix in 2014 gave him a chance to bring part of what he loved about the coffee culture to Bay City. With a commitment to community, art, and Bay City, he established The Fix as a destination spot in Bay City as a place for the people of the city as well as the artists, musicians, and writers.

Jack is currently living happily in downtown Bay City while overseeing the coffee brewing and espresso pulling at The Fix, he can be found tackling new projects such as working towards a degree in English and Teaching.